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Ramadan is here; Are you ready?

Ramadan Is Here: Are you Ready?

Things you need to identify before buying an AC

Things you need to identify before buying an AC

Sometimes you buy a new AC but it does not cool the room properly or it takes time. Reasons can be many. The AC’s capacity might not match the room size or there can be many other facts. That’s why you need to have knowledge about few aspects before buying an AC to find the one you really need for your room!

Wet or Dry: Get Straight Hair Instant!

Wet or Dry: Get Straight Hair Instant!

Suppose you are getting late for a meeting and your hair is still wet. Now you do not have time to dry your hair but you need a formal straight look! For the situation like this, Sanford has brought an exclusive hair straightener that you can use anytime without thinking of your hair is whether dry or wet!

Washing Machine is now Smarter and more Flexible!

Washing Machine is now Smarter

And more Flexible!

Food processor Dessert recipe

Food processor Dessert recipe

That will make your cooking life a breeze


Blow your mind and glow your home at the same time!

Blow your mind and glow your home!

Why Transtec Inverter AC is the One You Should Buy!

Why Transtec Inverter AC is the One You Should Buy!

Transtec Inverter Ac is very profitable to buy as it is specially prepared to cope up with Bangladeshi environment. That’s why it has all the features you might need from an AC to beat this Summer!


Hot & Cold:

Trimmer buying guidelines

Trimmer buying guidelines

Find the best one for you!

Vacuum Cleaner Tricks to Keep Up Your Sleeve

Vacuum Cleaner Tricks to Keep Up Your Sleeve

Cleaning the skinniest spots

There are some spots in our home that are so narrow that our Vacuum cleaners nozzle can’t reach. In that case, hold a toilet paper tube or a cardboard over the nozzle and squish it into the narrow space.

Use hair dryer perfectly, Without damaging your lovely hair


Use hair dryer perfectly

Without damaging your lovely hair

We all use hair-dryer but most of us do not know the proper way to use it. Here are some tips on how you should dry your hair using a Hair-Dryer and make it look healthy and shiny!

Do not use Hair Dryer immediately after shower

First, let your hair dry for 15 minutes or remove the excess moist from your hair before using the hair-dryer.

Sanford: Elegant Design for Smart Living


Elegant Design for Smart Living

Sanford based at Dubai World Central. Its principal activities are manufacturing, assembling and retailing of electronics and Premium home appliances. Sanford Products are known for their quality, scalability, ease of use and innovative technology. This time they have come in Bangladesh with these exclusive products.

Basic Tips for Iron

Basic Tips for Iron

1. Use the entire ironing board

Make use of all of the ironing board. If you have long items, put them landscape on the board.

Washing Machine Tips

Washing Machine Tips


Spray your clothes with a lavender oil and water solution to avoid creases after a wash because Lavender oil is a fiber relaxant and helps to prevent material from bunching.

MISCONCEPTIONS about Washing Machines


About Washing Machines

There are many misconceptions we believe and they could be preventing us from getting all we can out of our machine. Here few misconceptions that we tried to clarify below.

Washing in hot water, clothes really clean.

Your Tv can feel the Weather!

Do you Know?

Your TV can feel the Weather!


The way we sweat in hot weather and shiver in cold, our TV also feels the same. Each type of weather makes a different impact on the TV. Such as, 

If the TV’s place is under conditions of high temperature and humidity, your TV’s lifetime can be shortened.



For your Kids! Make amazing desserts in shortcut.

For your Kids!

Make amazing desserts in a shortcut.

To prepare this, you won’t have to make your kids wait for long as the recipe is very simple and yummy! Follow only two steps to see your kid's beautiful smile.

How to enhance the lifespan of your LED TV!

How to enhance the lifespan of your LED TV!

Can you remember the last time you cleaned your TV? No? 

That's why the longevity of the TV decreases and we blame brand or the shop! But if we just maintain a few things can enhance its lifespan easily!

Take quick notes without having your phone unlocked!

Take quick notes without having your phone unlocked!

Spread marshmallow and Nutella on two slices of bread
Then place them in the sandwich maker and wait for 2-3 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Enjoy Fries Without Oil!

Enjoy Fries Without Oil!

How to warm up food in the microwave oven

Do you know the best way to warm up food in the microwave oven?

All of us more or less use Microwave Oven every day to warm up foods.

But most of us do not know few facts to warm up the food or maybe we do know but do not maintain them properly which can be bad for your health and bad for your oven as well.

Reheat leftovers

You can reheat leftovers that are 1-4 days old. Leftovers that are 5 days or older should not be reheated or eaten.

Containers you should use in the oven

Always warm up food in the microwave in ceramic or glass containers. If you use plastic it can melt and contaminate your food. On the other hand, if you use metal containers, it can make spark in the microwave.

Cover the food

Whenever you are trying to warm up the food always cover it with an ovenproof glass lid or you can use food wrapper. Otherwise, your food will be all over inside your oven.

Some cooked foods do not do well in the microwave

Avoid reheating cooked meat like beef, chicken or pork in the microwave, as it will become very dry and rubbery.

Wouldn’t it be so great if your refrigerator could be converted at your convenience?

Wouldn’t it be so great if your refrigerator

could be converted at your convenience?


Sometimes you got too many groceries from the store, going out for a day-long drive or going on a vacation for a while and time to time you need bigger refrigerator compartment for your too many groceries or bigger freezer compartment to freeze up the food as you won’t be home for a long time! To solve this issue, Samsung came up with a smart solution! Now you can convert your “Refrigerator” into “Freezer” or “Freezer” into “Refrigerator”!

This revolutionary convertible refrigerator of Samsung comes with 5 conversion modes which change itself at the push of a button to take care of all your various needs. 


 So bring the Convertible Refrigerator and live smartly !

Which is better Shaver or Trimmer?



Which is better Shaver or Trimmer?



The question is very tricky but the solution can be found to some extent, though the final call still remains in your hand. Now to judge the competition of the trimmer vs electric shaver we will first need to know what are the roles of these two individuals.




Trimmer cuts your beard and trims the hair just like in any salon or your barber shapes your hair. You can trim your beard however you want and make it match with your daily looks and attires. 

Figure 1: Trimming

In short, it helps you to have the perfect personalized touch to your look.



Whereas a Shaver is mostly like a plain sharp razor blade that you can use to shave off your beard or mustache or certain parts of it or shape it up as per your wish. There is no chance of trimming it down. 

Figure 2: Shaving

You can only clean it up mostly. Meaning no stubble or cowboy look. Just clean shaved tip-top smart stud look.


So, the answer to the question, " Which is better Shaver or Trimmer?" depends on the style you would like to carry on! If you want to look formal, clean and sharp then go for Shaver but if you want to have a smart casual look or formal look but not so sharp, want to have a little more stylish beard then go for Trimmer. 

Figure3: Look with Shaver

Figure4: Look with Trimmer



Then again there are some looks for which you might need both

Shaver and Trimmer

Figure5: Beard Styles

In a way, both are important for their different roles. So, it's better to have both Shaver and Trimmer at home to apply versatile looks every day! But if you do not want to buy two products, you can buy multi grooming product where you can get both Shaver and trimmer in one product!


Figure 6: Philips Shaver and Trimmer 

Make Fresh Juices Easily Everyday


Make Fresh Juices Easily Every day!



Are you the one who loves fresh juices but cannot rely on the quality of the products in the market? Then make your own juice bar in your kitchen! Then again making juice has so many processes which sometimes feel like a hassle because of the following steps you have to do to have a glass of fresh smooth juice!

  •          peel off the fruits,
  •          Cut fruits into pieces
  •          Sometimes use spoon to blend properly
  •          Then filter the juice


But what if there is a way to do all of these processes by pressing one button! That would be so deliciously awesome and Philips Viva Collection Juicer will help you to experience this awesomeness!  

Philips Viva Collection Juicer extracts even all juice from your fruit and vegetables. You can make 2L juice in one go with this juicer. The motor is very strong that allows blending, mixing and crushing effectively. The attachments you get with the juicer are:



Now to make fresh juices all you have to do is dropping the fruits into the juicer and pressing the switch!

At first, you will have to attach the body of the juicer properly 


Now all you have to do is dropping the fruits which ever you want to into the juicer through its “XL feeding tube. The tube is made extra-large so that you can put your fruits easily without chopping it!



Before pressing the switch, put the jar in front of the tap attached to the Juicer. Otherwise, the juices will fall down and will make a mess in your kitchen.


After putting the jug in its right place take the Lid that looks like a cylinder and put it inside the feeding tube that locks the open mouth of the juicer and will give a pressure to the to blend faster.

Figure: Lid

Figure: Implementation of Lid


 Now turn on the switch and the process will start! Juicer will squeeze all juices from the fruits and the unnecessary pulp will be stored in different place. So you do not have to worry about cutting and peeling the fruits and your juice will be smooth and filtered automatically.  


In the same time juice will come out from its tap which will fill up the jar we have attached before.

Now the fresh juice is ready to be served! Enjoy different juices every day easily without cutting, chopping or peeling the fruits!

Things that affect your Air Conditioning

Things that affect your Air Conditioning


Your Room’s Size


The amount of air that is needed to cool down the room depends on the room’s size. So, measure your room before you buy an AC.


    Number of People in the room

Sometimes the AC in the room does not work properly because the number of people in the room exceeds its capacity. Every person emits heat and air conditioner needs to cool it also. That’s why you will have to keep in mind that the room you are trying to cool, will that be populated all the time like office room and conference room or not. In this case, one might have to buy a larger AC then its room’s capacity.


    The number of Furniture in the Room

Every item kept in the room will have to be cooled by the air conditioner to provide you the comfortable cooling environment you desire.  So less the stuff is in the room, faster the cooling will be and lesser the electricity air conditioner will consume.


    Electrical Appliances in the Room

Most electrical appliances discharge heat, especially lights. So you should not put too many electrical appliances near to the Air Conditioner. Give it a little breathing space.


    The number of the Windows

The number and the placement of the windows in your room also affect your AC. The more windows in the room, the more heat coming from outside. Well-insulated windows reduce cooling load.


The points mentioned above will always determine the perfect capacity of the AC you need to cool your room down smoothly considering your Ac’s health.

Is it smart buying an Inverter Ac?


Is It Smart Buying an Inverter Ac?


Currently “Inverter” is being used in different big electronic appliances like ACs, refrigerators and Washing machines. It seems like there is an “Inverter” trend going on in electronics world like the trend of “touch screen”. But like “touch screen”, the inverter does not enhance the beauty of the product but amplify the quality. Inverter adds different smart traits in your appliances that will make your life hassle free and comfortable.

However, Inverter AC has got huge popularity and experts also suggest buying Inverter ACs for the long run. But Inverter Ac’s price is a little bit higher than Non-Inverter ACs which sometimes discourages people from buying the AC and put them into the dilemma whether it is profitable for them or not. That’s why some important points are given bellow about Inverter ACs that will help us to understand whether it is a good deal or not to buy an inverter AC.



Energy Saving 




Most of the time we think about the electricity bill before buying or turning on the AC. Because electronic appliances put a huge impact on the electricity bills. But inverter AC reduces your this tension by its intelligent technology. In the regular Air Conditioners, the compressor is either off or on and while it is on it runs in its full speed which means it consumes full level energy all the time! But Inverter AC’s compressor slows down its speed when it reaches a certain temperature and the fan only continues to run! At this state, as it runs at a lower speed, it consumes lesser Energy. This is how it inverts your electricity Bill!







Inverter AC has eco-friendly behavior by changing its compressor speed based on the room’s temperature which will not provide unnecessary cooling that can make you feel uncomfortable and will prevent the usage of extra energy!



Quieter Operation


At night when it is pin drop silence everywhere, one can notice the disturbing sounds ACs make that comes from its operating systems. But Inverter AC will not disturb you that much. As the compressor motor of the inverter air conditioner does not turn on and off all the time but keeps working at low power, the operation remains quieter. So you can have your sweet dreams without any disturbing noise!  


Longer life


We do not want to buy AC every day. We want to buy one AC that will run for a long time and worth to pay! The technology of the inverters not only makes cooling and heating more efficient, but it also prolongs the lifespan of the AC. So if you buy an inverter AC once you are actually investing the money for a long time!


Faster Cooling/Heating


After passing a tiring day, you of course do not want to wait for the AC to cool down your room to ease you. Instead, you want the comfort right then which Inverter AC can help you as it is able to cool down or heat up your room faster than the non-inverter. This is due to the fact that in the beginning of the process, the inverter uses more power than the non-inverter to cool down or heat up the room faster and starts lowering the usage of power once the desired temperature is reached.


At the end, it seems it is a good deal to buy an inverter Ac with a little higher price once to save whole life's electricity bill with a smarter cooling system and comforts.

Boost your AC’s efficiency , Save your extra AC maintenance costs


  Boost your AC’s efficiency,

Save your extra AC maintenance costs




The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your Air Conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filters.Because if t is free from dust and debris, your AC’s system will be in the best shape!

Clogged, dirty filters block normal airflow and reduce a system's efficiency significantly.Simply wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth or a gentle and safe chemical cleaner.Take out the air filters and clean it properly in warm water with your usual detergent powder to make sure that the vents are free from dirt and dust and anything else that could clog the airflow. After doing the step you can turn on the AC and can feel the freshness of the air. This might look a very small step but if someone maintains it weekly in routine, can greatly reduce additional work and costs later.